CCM not only works in the chassis pool environment. CCM also offers Data Management Services, an array of “boots on the ground” Fleet Management Services, and state-of-the-art IT Solutions through Consolidated Intermodal Technologies (CIT). Contact us today and begin to learn how you can optimize your operations.

IT Solutions

Asset Management System

A cost effective, configurable and scalable system, the Asset Management Product has a proven track record of improving fleet utilization, improving turnaround times, and providing increased levels of visibility on equipment usage.

M&R System

Built by supply chain professionals, CIT’s M&R Product, MandR, is an easy-to-use, configurable, economic maintenance and repair system with a proven track record of significantly reducing job processing time. It also optimizes productivity with enhanced OOS management tools and reducing costs by identifying repair redundancies and waste.

Billing System

For equipment providers who wish to bill on a per diem model, the Billing Product utilizes your gate transaction information, assigns days to be billed on equipment, and bills at the rates you set and customize in your system.

Fleet Management Services

via its Consolidated Equipment Services (CES) division

Existing business models & how they operate within today’s evolving supply chain can create issues, inaccuracies & inefficiencies. Managing a chassis fleet is a constant balancing act to ensure road-ready equipment is in the right place at the right time. Through our team, our technology, and our relationships with ocean carriers, terminals, and rail facilities, CCM can assess and ensure that the supply of chassis is in line with demand.

CCM’s Private Pool Management offering shifts responsibility from the Intermodal Equipment Provider to CCM for M&R, data, tracking, and billing via its Consolidated Equipment Services (CES) division.

Features include tracking chassis movements, highly configurable EDI, processing and sending transactions, data management, and arrangement of the M&R billing


High level expertise: The CCM team consists of a group of experts that have had years of experience supporting, managing, and optimizing operations.

Predictable costs: Based on knowing hard and soft costs associated with the management of a chassis fleet we communicate up front and minimize hidden and unknown costs that asset owners can see down the line.

Scalability: Receive the exact amount of support you need, no more, no less, regardless of your stage of growth.

Improved reliability: Don’t worry about vacations, overtime, sick time – the CCM team works together for the performance you need. You’ll have access to a high level of reliability without the accompanying in-house cost.

Our Capabilities

Damage Recovery

Damage Recovery

CCM has a team of Damage recovery analysts and a system that is currently yielding 97% success rate on recovering the expense of damage.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

CCM has a team of Fleet specialists who actively manage all of the back office processes needed to effectively manage a fleet of chassis.

Equipment Tracking

Equipment Tracking

CCM has a best in class equipment tracking system coupled with a team of Data Analysts who specialize in ensuring that fleet tracking data is complete and accurate. The system has sophisticated logic for determining who is using the chassis with over 100 validation scripts that identify any non conforming data.

Usage Billing

Usage Billing

CCM system is capable of receiving usage data from its tracking system or from non CCM systems and generates customer branded invoices that are automatically emailed to customers.

Toll Management

Toll Management

CCM registers the fleet with a 3rd party toll provider. Tolls are collected from the local tolling authorities and are sent to CCM.  CCM identifies the trucker that is responsible for the toll and bills them. CCM will collect the funds and refund you the proceeds.