The Next Generation South Atlantic Regional Chassis Pool

Upgraded Fleet – Competitive Pricing – Vast Network
The next generation of chassis pool in the South Atlantic, SACP 3.0, is designed to infuse the South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool with new high quality chassis. SACP 3.0 takes the best qualities of both the gray pool and proprietary models and combines them to offer a safe, reliable, cost efficient, and scalable premium service.


SACP 3.0 is slated to commence in Q4 2023.  At startup, the fleet will begin its transition and modernization.  Some new chassis will be introduced now until the start up.

Wilmington, NC
Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC
Birmingham, AL
Tampa, FL (CSX only)
Charleston, SC (off dock )

Consolidated Chassis Management

It is imperative Motor Carriers register via CCM’s SACP 3.0 Onboarding Portal before October 1, 2023.  Motor carriers are required to be registered with the UIIA and to sign CCM’s (contract, addendum or other) in order to use the pool and failure to do so will result in service disruption and chassis penalty use charges. Beneficial cargo owners and other such entities may register for a direct billing arrangement. Register today and be ready for the roll out of SACP 3.0 this October.

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