The Management Systems

CCM is committed to its goal of providing best in class chassis management service to its membership. Data management plays a key role in the quality of service provided. The Data Quality team at CCM has implemented a variety of controls, and balances across the business processes, thus facilitating the consistent and on time delivery of superior data quality.

Our powerful technology, powered by Consolidated Intermodal Technologies (CIT), is highly configurable to meet your unique business needs within the supply chain supporting small to large organization’s needs with state of the art technology. It is nimble, dynamic and cost effective, designed by our tech experts but meant for supply chain experts.

Chassis MandR Platform

Designed to facilitate fast, efficient repair flow, the Chassis MandR Platform, which is fully integrated with CCM’s Chassis Management Application Suite, is an intuitive system for managing maintenance and repair activities. Utilizing proprietary technology, the application, referred to as MandR (Man-Dar), supports an industry-wide collaborative Platform whereby the sharing of vital information becomes a streamlined and seamless process.

MandR features a collection of modules including: Maintenance and Repair, Tariff Management, Job Order Management, DOT/FMCSA Compliance, Reporting, and EDI subsystem. Contact CIT using the form above.

  • The system provides full management of maintenance and repair activities for chassis, containers, trailers, and reefers via Web, EDI and on handheld smart devices
  • Manage both DVIR and DVER reports
  • Record a motor carrier’s pre trip, post trip or both
  • Organized equipment management with cost control tools, easy access to key chassis M&R information, transparency, simple process to share information.
  • Intuitive process to simplify the estimating process, enabling quick access to approved repair estimates and ensuring chassis repair costs and time turnarounds are minimized.
  • Enables communication on all M&R estimates, including job orders and chassis details with accurate updates; provides alert messages to maintenance partners as soon as changes are made.
  • Seamless M&R management for chassis, containers, trailers, gensets, and reefers – in one tool

Chassis MandR, as powered by CCM’s CIT Group, is fully integrated with our equipment and billing system in addition to the Intermodal Association of North America’s (IANA) Bad Order Equipment Statuses (BOES). ChassisMandR decommissions units out of service (OOS) as they in gate and the system updates IANA’s clearinghouse if at a BOES integrated facility. This powerful integration greatly enhances the quality, service levels, and cost control of these assets.

Chassis Management System (CMS)

The Chassis Management System Application Integrates near real-time movement data with parameter driven business rules to produce visibility of operations. What’s more, it provides usage billing information to support chassis operations for multiple entities with various roles. CMS is scalable and highly configurable, able to support evolving requirements and adaptations within intermodal freight transport.

The management suite features highly configurable Fleet, Repositioning, Billing, and Reporting Modules

  • State-of-the-art web based system managing nearly 90,000 chassis
  • Real-time interactive reporting
  • Receiving 4.5-6 million transactions in total per month
  • Tracking at nearly 300 locations, 400 report variations available

Shipment Management Portal

The Shipment Management Portal replaces numerous manual practices predominantly performed by email, pen and paper, or over the phone. The application suite features four different modules designed to provide quick and seamless processes to gain a chassis booking in co-op or premium pools, manage chassis provisioning, and identify return locations.

  • The Booking System Module for coop pools
  • The Reservation System Module for premium pool products
  • Return Locations Module for chassis, always free, open to everybody, no account required
  • Shipment Portal Module; for motor carriers and BCO’s to manage their billing options

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Maintaining the most current and accurate chassis fleet profile is a top priority and includes ensuring the CCM pool contributors and facilities are all aware of which units are in the managed fleet. Also, as inspections are performed or updates to equipment are made, we make the corresponding updates to unit attributes within CCM’s business applications and GIER.  These processes help avoid incorrect downstream effects on operations, repairs, billing and invoicing.  In order to ensure that our data and our contributor’s data stays in sync, we have developed an automated fleet reconciliation function. One of the reconciliations includes a comparison of our contributor’s data to the updated data in our system. This process yields the updates that are missing which we deliver back to the contributors.  We also have an automated process that looks for discrepancies in the Transfer of Control process.

The volume and complexity of trade flows and use of non-standard EDI data sometimes causes issues with data transmitted to CCM’s EDI engine. Not receiving all of the data on the managed fleet negatively impacts CCM’s data quality; therefore a key performance indicator in our process is the measurement of transaction volumes received from facilities. CCM’s business suite monitors the transaction volumes and identifies variances so they are quickly investigated. We also are able to quickly extract non-conforming data which when provided to trading partners allows them to trace the cause of the issue.

CCM understands that its billing accuracy and the accuracy of their member’s billing to their customers is dependent on the accuracy of the underlying data. CCM is committed to providing data to its membership as quickly as possible but not at the risk of reduced quality. CCM’s business application contains over 100 routines that perform “verification and validation” checks to insure that all data elements are properly populated.  CCM measures the success of this process by the number of chassis activities disputed by members. The dispute ratio is 0.001% which roughly 50% of disputes result in no action due to CCM’s data being correct.