The Pool will reimburse Users for normal wear & tear or component failure when not due to negligence of the chassis user. Please refer to the CCM Over the Road Policy posted on the CCM website.

The motor carrier operating a chassis is subject to the terms of its interchange agreement with the Pool User.

For convenience of identifying pool chassis on a terminal, four digit markings of the pool are stenciled on the chassis bolsters and side rails. You may use any chassis within the pool as long as it has one of the below stencils.   Each stencil represents a pool:

MWCP = Midwest Consolidated Chassis Pool

MCCP = Mid South Consolidated Chassis Pool

DCCP = Denver Consolidated Chassis Pool

SERP or SATL or SACP = South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool

Oaktree Capital Management.

In the DCCP, The Pool interchanges to its members, the Pool Users. The Users interchange to motor carriers.

In the SACP 3.0 The Pool interchanges directly with motor carriers. 

At this time there are no specialized chassis comingled in any of the chassis pools however specialized chassis (traixles) could be managed by the pool but would not be comingled.   The M&R costs on special chassis are passed directly to the contributor.