About M&R Program

At CCM, we are committed to safe and reliable equipment to meet our customers’ needs.

  • M&R Inspectors IICL certified
  • Strict adherence to FMCSA Guidelines
  • Annual Preventative Maintenance Inspection

We have accessible, experienced and local logistics staff strategically stationed throughout each region we operate in and we work closely with our maintenance partners, major steamship lines, railroads and intermodal partners, and ports. All chassis are systematically inspected, maintained and repaired to ensure compliance with all FMCSA regulations. We administer an extensive maintenance & repair program in over 200 locations (hyperlink the locations to our locations page).


Motor Carrier Reporting of Chassis Defects
Motor Carriers are required to report to the Pool any defects discovered while operating a chassis. This report, known as the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (“DVIR”) is accepted by the Pool via an internet site www.chassis.com as well as IANA”s Bad Order Equipment Status Service.

Motor carriers roadside inspections
Motor carriers are required to provide copies of a Driver Vehicle Examination Report (“DVER” or roadside inspection) to the Pool on any pool chassis that receives an inspection report. The DVER should be emailed to DVER@ccmpool.com.

CCM also receives the DVER electronically through IANA. Any DVER issued by any state authority will go into the IANA database and get pushed to CCM electronically.

CCM still requests motor carriers send in the signed DVER to DVER@ccmpool.com if they have it or do a repair to the unit.

M & R Manual

The following is the CCM M&R Procedures Manual. It details the policies, procedures and requirements of M&R Vendors and CCM staff.

Over the Road

The Pool will reimburse Users for normal wear & tear or component failure when not due to negligence of the chassis user. Please refer to the CCM Over the Road Policies below for each pool.

The motor carrier operating a chassis is subject to the terms of its interchange agreement with the Pool User.


Chassis Pool Incident Report (CPIR)

To report incidents, total loss, or stolen chassis, please follow instructions for completing and submitting the “Chassis Pool Incident Report”.  Download the CPIR below and click here to submit.


In accordance with the FMCSA regulations, motor carriers who use CCM chassis are encouraged to follow the CCM Procedures for reporting any known equipment defects.

M&R Documents

Roadability Regulations FAQ

DVER Procedure

Maintenance & Repair Procedures manual

OTR Policy – SACP

OTR Policy for DCCP

Chassis Pool Incident Report