Over the Road Information


Motor Carriers (“MC”) using CCM Pool chassis in need of road service must arrange for any required repairs to be performed by an Approved OTR Vendor and will need to provide a method of payment as the responsible party will not be determined until a service technician has been dispatched.


Road repairs performed by any vendor other than Approved OTR Vendors are not allowed regardless of the party responsible for the charges. Individual repairs made, including repairs for which the motor carrier is the responsible party, must be of equal quality to restore the equipment to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Cost of repairs required by the Pool to correct any improper repairs will be rebilled to the MC within 60 days of the receipt of the chassis or the invoice from the MC.

Downtime Fleet Management Tire & Mechanical Repairs

Please choose one of the options below:

1. Call: 1-866-9659288
2. Email: OTR@Downtimefleet.com

3. Visit:
www.Downtimefleet.com and click “HELP ME NOW!” 
4. Download Down Time’s app available through their Website



The new policy will be that Motor Carriers (MC) will no longer have to use DownTime to affect repairs on DCCP equipment while on the road.

MC will be responsible to cover cost of repairs & seek reimbursement from DCCP for same amount as paid. Any repair exceeding $750.00 must have DCCP approval prior to repairs being completed.

OTR Vendor Information

For all repairs, including tire replacement, MC is free to contact any Road Service Provider they choose and must place the repaired chassis OOS at the terminal or depot with a DVIR on all repairs performed while on the road.