M&R Forms

The following forms are provided for M&R vendors to perform services on CCM managed chassis.

Chassis Induction Form

FMCSA Intermodal Chassis Inspection Form

Tire Air Pressure Form

Brake Inspector Certification

Annual Vehicle Inspection – Inspector Certification

Wheel torque forms

Chassis Pool incident report

M&R Documents

The following documents are provided for M&R vendors to perform services on CCM managed chassis.

CCM Systematic Maintenance Procedure

Procedures to be followed by Maintenance partners and CCM staff to ensure chassis are systematically inspected and repaired as necessary to comply with FMCSA regulations

DVIR Requirements

For Designated Vendors and Terminal Operators for Addressing Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) for All CCM Pools.

Driver Vehicle Examination Report Procedure

For when a DVER is received from the motor Carrier, given to the Pool Manager, and finally to the M&R Vendor.

FAQ Roadability Regulations

For Intermodal Equipment and DVIR receipt.

Maintenance and Repair Procedures Manual (Version 5.0)

To provide guidance to CCM staff and Maintenance partners on policies and procedures for repairing and maintaining CCM managed equipment.

SACP Stenciling Guide

To provide guidance to assist terminal operators across the South Atlantic in visually identifying chassis that belong to the South Atlantic Chassis Pool (SACP).

M&R Bulletins

The following Bulletins are issued as information to our M&R Vendors to assist in the proper inspection, procedures and repair of chassis components.