CCM’s CEO Mike Wilson Talks Chassis

  • May 4, 2022

by George Lauriat

Mike Wilson is the CEO of Consolidated Chassis Management, better known as CCM and is, as the name implies, is a chassis management business. The lowly chassis is often overlooked but is an ever so essential feature of the container segment in the supply chain. After all, without chassis – a container is just another steel box. And keeping those chassis rolling under the steel boxes is a complex business that has undergone significant changes in recent years.


Before joining CCM, which incidentally just celebrated its 15th anniversary, Wilson had a career on the ocean carrier side of the shipping equation with stops at Hamburg Sud, ACL (Atlantic Container Line), United Arab Agency, Crowley, and U.S. Lines. By the time he joined CCM in 2019, the chassis leasing side of containerization was undergoing a significant change in the business model.


As Mike Wilson explained of the chassis situation, “So, in the early 2000s, the ocean [container] carriers were operating independent chassis. Every line had their own chassis and they had to have enough chassis to move their boxes. All of these chassis were stored on ocean terminals. …there were chassis far and wide, taking up a lot of space. And the chassis were not being utilized very well.”

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