DCCP KPI Snapshot

Updated as of 6/11/2024

The prior calculation took an average of total chassis and total days on the street and took an average. This more represented the average age of chassis on the street vs. the dwell or cycle time. The new calculation counts the chassis cycles and days associated with each cycle which gives a true representation of dwell or cycle time.


Salt Lake City

Regional Out of Service


Year-to-date percentage by equipment type

Average Weekly Street Use Days

Net Gates are calculated by subtracting out-gates from in-gates

Net Imbalance

Surplus/Deficit of in gate/out gate with containers for each location by month and equipment type

Common Facilities by metro area

Metro City Facility Name Address City State Zip
Denver BNSF Denver 585 W. 53rd Pl. Denver CO 80216
Denver UP - Denver 4085 N York Street Denver CO 80216
Salt Lake City UP - Salt Lake City 1045 South 5500 West Salt Lake City UT 84104