SACP 3.0 KPI Snapshot

Updated as of 11/28/2023

SACP 3.0 calculations from 10/1/2023

The prior calculation took an average of total chassis and total days on the street and took an average. This more represented the average age of chassis on the street vs. the dwell or cycle time. The new calculation counts the chassis cycles and days associated with each cycle which gives a true representation of dwell or cycle time.

Regional Out of Service


Year-to-date percentage by equipment type

Average Weekly Street Use Days

Net gates are calculated by subtracting out-gates from in-gates

Net Imbalance

Surplus/Deficit of in gate/out gate with containers for each location by month and equipment type

Common Facilities by metro area

Metro City Facility Name Address City State Zip
Atlanta CSX - Atlanta Fairburn 6700 McClarin Rd. Fairburn GA 30213
Atlanta CSX - Atlanta Hulsey 173 Boulevard SE Atlanta GA 30312
Atlanta NS - Austell 6000 Dr. Luke Glenn Garret, Jr. Memorial Highway
Austell GA 30106
Atlanta NS - Inman 1600 Marietta Rd. NW Atlanta GA 30318
Birmingham CSX - Bessemer
2401 5th Avenue North
Birmingham NS - McCalla 7100 Crescent Way McCalla AL 35111
ConGlobal - Charleston
1451 Bainbridge Connector Rd.
North Charleston
Charleston CSX - Charleston 4201 Meeting Street Rd. Charleston SC 29405
Charleston NS - Charleston 4350 Goer Dr. North Charleston SC 29406
SCSPA - Inland Port Terminal (Dillon)
249 West Fairfield Rd.
Charleston SCSPA - N. Charleston Terminal 1000 Remount Road North Charleston SC 29406
Charleston REO Chassis Depot
400 Long Point Rd. Mt. Pleasant SC 29464
Charlotte CSX - Charlotte 5430 Hovis Rd. Charlotte NC 28208
Charlotte NS - Charlotte (West Blvd) 5710 West Boulevard Charlotte NC 28208
 Charlotte  Greer Chassis Depot
100 International Commerce Blvd BLDG 8
Charlotte SCSPA - Inland Port Terminal (Greer) 100 International Commerce Blvd Greer SC 29651
 Crandall  GPA - Inland ARP
8402 US Hwy 411
Jacksonville CSX - Jacksonville 5902 Sportsman Club Rd. Jacksonville FL 32219
Jacksonville FEC - Jacksonville 6150 Phillips Highway Jacksonville FL 32216
Jacksonville NS - Jacksonville 4267 N Edgewood Rd. Jacksonville FL 32254
Jacksonville SSA - Blount Island 5800 William Mills St. Jacksonville FL 32226
Jacksonville TraPac Jacksonville 9834 New Berlin Rd. Jacksonville FL 32226
Savannah CSX - Savannah 3000 Tremont Rd. Savannah GA 31407
Savannah GPA - Garden City 2 Main St. Garden City GA 31408
Savannah GPA - Ocean Terminal Savannah 950 West River St. Savannah GA 31401
Tampa CSX - Tampa 1901 N. 62nd St. Tampa FL 33619
Wilmington NCSPA Port of Wilmington 2202 Burnett Blvd. Wilmington NC 28401
 Wilmington Wilmington Chassis Yard
 3045 River Road