Becoming a co-op pool member

Becoming a co-op pool member is for those who wish to contribute equipment to the co-op pool and use the co-op pool.By contributing chassis and joining the pool directly you become part of the CCM Membership. In addition to ocean carriers and equipment providers membership is also open to motor carriers, BCO’ NVOCC’s or any other party that would contribute chassis.

The CCM interoperable chassis pool is proven to be the most efficient operation for pool participants, intermodal terminals and motor carriers. Chassis Pool members, also known as the “Providers”, contribute chassis to the common pool and have access to pool chassis at all common locations. This network applies to all members.

CCM Cooperative Pools are “open membership” interoperable chassis pools

CCM Members (also known as Providers) benefit from a significant reduction in chassis management cost and increased service when compared to the alternatives of managing maintenance, logistics, and storage of equipment.

Pool managed M&R to FMCSA Guidelines

Pool managed M&R to FMCSA Guidelines

Low Cost of

Low Cost of Operations

Cost Pass-Trough

Cost Pass-Trough Basis

Co-Op Pool Costs

Costs in CCM Cooperative Pools reflect costs that are incurred in the operation of the pool along with a share of administrative costs. These costs are shared by established formulas and standards.

For more information on our formulas and standards, access the UIE Pools Operations Manual.


Membership within a CCM pool means that you have chosen to contribute chassis to the pool.

Members benefit from the efficiencies of a shared equipment pool, resulting in improved equipment conditions, faster terminal throughput and lower costs for migrating chassis.

Membership in CCM pools is available to a broad range of intermodal industry participants, including ocean carriers, shippers/consignees, equipment leasing companies, motor carriers, terminal operators, logistics companies and other entities wishing to benefit from superior service and economies of scale.

A formula is used that establishes an M&R cost per usage day of a member’s fleet. That same member is charged that established rate for each common pool chassis it uses. The CCMP Operations Manual contains a detailed explanation.

Imbalances between facilities are counted on a monthly basis for each pool User. A theoretical cost is assembled for each imbalance. Then the actual costs of repositioning bare chassis is allocated to the Users based on the proportion of their theoretical costs. The CCMP Operations Manual contains a detailed explanation.

Members are billed monthly. To assist in cash flow, an estimate amount is invoiced to the members at the beginning of the month. On the same invoice, reconciliation is made of the actual costs versus the previous estimated billing amounts.

The following PDFs are provided as a guideline for those who are interested in becoming new members of the CCM pools.

New Member Overview Documents

Membership Agreements

SAMPLE Contributor and User Agreements for Ocean Carriers and Leasing Companies

SAMPLE Contributor and User Agreements for BCO’s, NVO’s, Shippers

SAMPLE Contributor and User Agreements for Motor Carriers