Consolidated Chassis Management’s Denver Consolidated Chassis Pool Celebrates 16 years Serving the Intermountain Region

  • December 15, 2021


This month, Consolidated Chassis Pool’s (CCM) Denver Consolidated Chassis Pool (DCCP), will celebrate 16 years of providing high-quality, neutral chassis pool management in the intermountain region. Launched to bring all chassis in the area together in a cooperative environment, DCCP was one of the  first interoperable gray chassis pools in the U.S.


“In 2005, ocean carriers still owned the majority of the chassis. On the other hand, railroads were not interested in getting into the chassis business, but instead, were looking for an alternative chassis provisioning solution.  OCEMA worked cooperatively with the rail community in the region to develop DCCP, which brought the chassis together in a collective environment to optimize efficiencies not only for the railroad, but for the trucking and ocean carrier communities as well,” said Mike Mitchell, who was CCM’s first employee and now serves as the company’s SVP and COO.


OCEMA introduced DCCP in Denver in cooperation with BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railroad with Flexi-Van Leasing initially serving as Pool Manager. When operations started in December 2005, DCCP was staffed with a two-man team that worked out of a BNSF office in Denver.  DCCP eventually expanded to include the Salt Lake City (SLC) region and added a Union Pacific terminal in July 2006. In 2011, CCM took over the role of the pool manager.

“Working at DCCP for well over ten years, I have seen tremendous growth as we continue to deliver superior value to customers,” added Allen Youngs, Pool Manager at CCM’s DCCP interoperable gray chassis pool. “We at DCCP have always placed a major focus on customer satisfaction that maximizes availability, utilization and value while minimizing redundancy, congestion and waste.”


Starting with approximately 2,200 chassis, DCCP initially had 23 shipping line members. DCCP continues to be one of the largest chassis pools of international container chassis and a leading provider of asset management services to the U.S. intermodal industry in the intermountain region of the United States.


The pool is comprised of chassis contributed by equipment providers who are considered the pool’s “members.” The providers currently contributing to DCCP include DCLI, Flexi-Van and TRAC. More information about active members can be found here.

DCCP’s current start/stop designated facility locations include BNSF Railway in Denver and Union Pacific in Denver and Salt Lake City. Non-common facilities in Denver include Complete Container, TSL North, TSL South, DIX Denver; Salt Lake City includes Harrington Trucking and Mountain West Container Services.


Supported by CCM’s core values, industry expertise

OCEMA was developing the DCCP interoperable gray chassis pool while it was simultaneously creating CCM, which would ultimately manage multiple interoperable chassis pools. Currently, in addition to DCCP, CCM manages MCCP, which covers the Memphis, Nashville and Huntsville markets; MWCP, which handles Kansas City and Saint Louis; and SACP, which covers Atlanta, Birmingham, Charleston, Charlotte, Crandall, GA, Jacksonville, Savannah, Tampa and Wilmington, NC.


Prior to the establishment of CCM by OCEMA in 2005, most ocean carrier lines operated their own chassis fleet. There were many different operating theories and each presented challenges with their own fragmented approach.  CCM was designed to bring the chassis fleets together into a common shared operation, to be called an “Interoperable chassis pool.”


CCM was founded on the principle of creating efficiencies and synergies that serve all the stakeholders in the industry — from terminal operators to ocean carriers, railroads, and motor carriers. With its mission to provide high quality equipment fleet management services to the intermodal industry, the people, technology and industry expertise at CCM, serves as the linchpin in offering chassis provisioning model excellence to all stakeholders. The CCM interoperable chassis pool model has proven to be the most efficient operation for pool participants, intermodal terminals and motor carriers.


“Over the course of these past 16 years, the industry has dramatically changed and we continue to evolve as well. Yet, our mission and core values have remained steadfast: a focus on meeting the needs of our customers based on mutual respect and trust,” said Mike Wilson, CEO, CCM. “We will continue to operate with integrity, professionalism, and an innovative spirit that will drive us forward well beyond these 16 years.”


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