Is a new chassis business model emerging from the launch of SACP 3.0?

  • November 30, 2023

The chassis pool SACP 3.0 was launched in the beginning of October. Does this mark a new approach to managing chassis pools in the future?

by George Lauriat 

October 2023 began in a big way for Consolidated Chassis Management (CCM).

On October 1st, CCM rolled out SACP 3.0 (South Atlantic Consolidated Chassis Pool) completing opening of the new chassis pool’s staged launch. And at almost the exact same time, it was announced that funds managed by the infrastructure investing strategy arm of Oaktree Capital Management acquired CCM from Ocean Carrier Equipment Management Association, Inc. (OCEMA).

Although it isn’t a well-known name outside of ocean shipping circles, OCEMA is an association composed of ten international container shipping companies that created CCM to manage their disparate chassis operations. And the SACP chassis operations fell under that scope. Consequently, the two events, the acquisition by Oaktree; and secondly the launch of SACP 3.0 are very much intertwined in a development that could well launch an industry-wide new business model for managing chassis operations.

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