Transportation Management Relies on Building a Strong Team

  • March 17, 2022

by Gene Bambach, Director Business Partner Relations

These are the best of times; these are the worst of times. If you are involved in any way in today’s global supply chain, it’s indeed easy to feel both emotions simultaneously. Regardless of whether you are in extraordinary or ordinary times, one thing remains constant—managing a transportation network is reliant on having a strong foundation at all times. In football, poor performance on the field often results in the coach calling for a basic skills practice the next day. Today, as an industry, we often need to go back to block and tackle exercises to address operational snags, looking deeply into our operations—right down to the fundamental level—in order to ensure our assets, our relationships, and our team are fully optimized.


During difcult times, fully optimizing managed assets remains the key to success. To do this, various fundamental questions need to be answered: What is the status of the assets? Are they in ready condition? Are the assets located where they need to be? Do we have enough assets to meet the projections, or do we need more? Business uncertainty is often connected to a lack of properly monitoring operational fundamentals. As such, it is important to review these business basics as part of your regular team meetings. The goal is to reinforce the significance of a strong foundation, which serves as the building blocks for a successful operation.


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